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Photos ©H.G. Sherman

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you for reading my interactive guide to finding true love in all the right places. I plan to blog twice a month, and reply to sincere posts as often as possible. There are many books and articles about how to catch a romantic partner, but I’m interested in how to identify the right people to include in your life, and how to fill your life with love outside of romantic connections.

I learned a lot about unconditional love from animals. My life was blessed by doing 20 years of foster care for abandoned and abused animals. I took care of hundreds of bottle baby kittens and puppies who had lost their mothers, and had to be fed day and night every four hours when healthy, and every two hours when sick. I would sit in a chair while patiently feeding the tiny animals. I have never felt such peace and love in all of my life.

I traveled for 14 years in remote wilderness and other spectacular places all over the world. Experiencing other cultures and the majesty of nature has taught me how to feel connected to all of humanity, and hiking in nature or working in my garden continues to nurture my loving heart.

In my pursuit of true love I have been on over 200 first dates and had numerous long term relationships. I have lived with eight different women and all were positive growth experiences helping me towards an even better life partner. I have learned along the way what works, and what to avoid when looking for love, and am excited to share my experiences.

Luck is being able to take advantage of positive or difficult situations in order to manifest what you want in life. After a lot of hard work, I learned how to let go of my childhood pain and fill my life with unconditional love. By leaving my heart wide open, I now attract people into my life with whom I can generously share this joyous love I feel so deeply in my soul.

Sharing my insights on how to be a loving human being is my way of giving back to the wonderful people who have brought so much delight and magic into my daily existence. If I help one beautiful person to find the love they so richly deserve, this blog will have served its purpose.

I plan to publish this blog as a book after I am finished. Am including the following as a guide to my blog:



1.  What is love?

2.  Become what you want to attract

3.  Finding real happiness

4.  Unconditional love

5.  What we want versus what we need

6.  Infatuations and obsessions

7.  Nine foundations for a healthy relationship

8.  Healthy boundaries

9.  How to be a better lover

10.  People to avoid at all costs

11.  Listening with an open heart  

12.  Forgiveness  

13.  Ways people express love

14.  Living in the moment

15.  Find joy and peace in the small things

16.  Living with a positive attitude

17.  Monogamy, threesomes, and polyamory

18.  Recovering from abuse

19.  Breaking up with respect and dignity

 Photos and text ©H.G. Sherman